Indie Game In Progress – Psych: A Modern Horror Story

Indie Game In Progress – Psych: A Modern Horror Story

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Halloween has been over for a little bit now but that does not stop the scares from continuing! MediaTale, an indie developer from Austria, is developing a horror game called Psych. This indie game has a story that’s much different from the norm.

To put it simply you are Alexander Green, a murderer and the victim was your little sister. You were just released from the asylum with what seems like more questions than answers. The murder was more of an accident and you feel that you were supposed to be the one that didn’t make it. Follow the life of Alex as he chooses to either run or face his worst nightmares.

Game Features

Psych revolved around the life of Alexander Green and as the story progresses you will begin to understand what happened that night. This indie will have you go through the story, solving puzzles while trying not to go completely bonkers.

This game is meant to give you a constant state of unease. It is supposed to keep you on guard, and keep you worried that there is a danger behind every corner. The creeping, dark atmosphere and the bone chilling sound effects are designed to send shivers down your spine. This game is made for horror fans and anyone who is lighthearted should beware!

The gameplay of Psych seems like it will be more story driven than action. The slow pace will most likely ramp up the intensity because you will feel like you just won’t be able to get away from what bumps in the night, regardless we are excited to see how this game comes along!

Final Notes

If you are interested in Psych and want more information on this project, be sure to check out MediaTale’s kickstarter page here. Don’t be afraid to back this game if it catches your eye! Psych is most likely going to be released on steam, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Be sure to check out our blog page here for more information on indie games that are currently in the works!

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