Indie Game In Progress – Seasonspree

Indie Game In Progress – Seasonspree

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Kitewing Studio is developing a game called Seasonspree! In this indie game, you can live life on a incredibly small planet that is filled with little animals. You play as Sunny, who spends her days going around the planet helping and hanging out with other little animals. The animals all gather together to celebrate the season’s end.

There is a twist though, Sunny has a very unique gift! When Sunny walks to the right time moves as it should. However, when Sunny moves to the left, time also changes. Going back and forth in time will allow players to solve puzzles and get a chance to help Sunny’s friends once again! This article will continue talking about some of this game’s features and mechanics.


Seasonspree is made to be an incredibly casual game. The controls are very simple, the puzzles aren’t incredibly complex and the dialogue is easy to follow. Furthermore, there is no way to die and you can simply move at your own pace to fully immerse yourself and enjoy the game.

Progress through the game to acquire easier ways to travel. Sunny will be able to run, jump, swim, shoot herself from a circus cannon, and more! Also, there is a unique ending that is available when Sunny helps every single friend on the planet!

seasonspree gameplay footage

This game seems like it will be a very light hearted and straightforward game. It is excellent for casual gamers or anyone who is just getting their gaming career started.

Final Notes

Seasonspree has a planned release on steam and Nintendo Switch. It has the possibility to also be released on other platforms as well. If this game interested you, check out the developer’s kickstarter page here. Don’t forget to back this project! Lastly, check out for more information on new and upcoming indie titles!