Indie Game In Progress – SunnySide: Open World Farming

Indie Game In Progress – SunnySide: Open World Farming

Farming games have always been a fan favorite. From Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and more we just can’t get enough of farming games! RainyGames, a small indie team, is putting together a new farming JRPG. This indie game is called Sunnyside.

In Sunnyside, you acquire an abandoned farm through an auction you have won. On this farm, you realize how much life truly flourishes around you. Adventure awaits around every corner in this game. This article will cover some of the features that will be available to explore in Sunnyside.

Crops & Trees

Sunnyside will provide players with a large variety of plants, trees and flowers to grow on their farm. There is a catch, you will need specific tools and the correct land type to grow certain crops. Just like in real life, some plants will not do well unless the soil conditions fit their requirements. This adds quite a bit of depth to this indie game because you must acquire newer ways to sow and reap your land’s resources.

If you enjoy the vast forests and are keen at identifying trees, Sunnyside provides that niche for you. You will be able to expand your land that focuses on tree growth and harvest. This will definitely scratch that forester itch for you!

There are many crops, trees and flowers that can only be found through exploration. You will have to traverse high and low to find every single one.


A farm is not complete unless it has farm animals. Sunnyside will be full of them! Currently available farm animals include:

  • Alpacas
  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Ducks
  • Goats
  • Pigs
  • Sheep

With the possibility of more coming eventually. Players will also have different pets available to wander around on the farm. Cats, dogs, horses and owls are currently available as pets! Certain pets will have the potential to help around the farm as well!

Become friends with the local woodland critters to acquire loot from them. You will be able to hang out with bears, foxes, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and wolves. Once you befriend these animals, they may bring you a rare item as a thank you for your friendship.

Sunnyside Gameplay Footage

Machinery for Crops & Animals

There will be machines available for players to use to get more bang for their buck from crops. The machines will be able to process crops into valuable items. Wine barrels, beer makers, mills and more will be available for players to use.

On the same note, there will be farming machinery that can process your animal products into more valuable items. Cheese kettles and yogurt makers are a few that players can use.

Crafting & Cooking

Just like previous farming games, Sunnyside dives into the crafting and cooking world. Every single tree and rock is breakable in this indie game. You will be able to unlock or receive different crafting recipes to grow your farm.

In order to craft certain items, players will have to go mining. Rare stones are waiting to be discovered down in the mines of Sunnyside. Unfortunately, there will be creatures that lurk deep within these mines, so watch out!

Lastly, cooking will be available in this indie game. A cooking competition will be held in the town many times a year. Your cooking skills will need to be in tip top shape to win. While cooking, food will degrade over time. A refrigerator is needed to keep your cooked food fresh!

Exploration & Farm Life

The world map of Sunnyside is incredibly large. There will be plenty of adventures players can go on and new places to discover. As an added bonus, every season will bring new wonder into your world. There will be new items to forage, new stories to live through and unique places to see. The developers are trying to make this game very immersive. They implemented a weather system to build on the atmosphere around you.

The developers at RainyGames are implementing a fantastic social aspect to Sunnyside. They want players to feel like themselves while playing and the NPCs must reflect that. They are doing their best to make the characters in this game relatable and recognizable so they’re not just an NPC but instead more like friends you can interact with.

This indie game will also let players find love on the farm. RainyGames is trying to appeal to as many players as they can, so they are doing their best to implement LGBTQ through their available NPCs. This allows players to be themselves and makes Sunnyside more personalized.

The NPCs in Sunnyside will have many different dialogues and actions that gives them personality. They won’t be limited to the same repetitive lines. Instead, they will be able to text, call, and ask you to come and hang out! There will be about 32 different NPCs in this game at launch, with the potential of more being introduced through updates.

Final Notes

The developers of Sunnyside have incredible goals for this game. They are trying their best to implement all of these features into the game and more. If this title is successful, we may be able to experience online multiplayer in Sunnyside. If you are interested in this game, check out the developer’s Kickstarter page here. Don’t forget to back this project! Keep your eye out for its release sometime in 2022! Lastly, check out information on upcoming indie titles at Indielodge!


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