Indie Game In Progress – Surviving the Humans

Indie Game In Progress – Surviving the Humans

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Surviving the Humans is a game being developed by Surprised Monkey Studio. This 2D point and click adventure tells a story from a not so common point of view. You play as a misunderstood zombie way back in the 80’s. Surviving the Humans takes inspiration from games such as Monkey Island, Full Throttle and a few others.

The game revolves around a zombie named Cooper who comes back from the grave with no recollection of his past! Cooper goes through the game trying to figure out the meaning of being a zombie. He also does what he can to change the human’s opinion of him. This article will talk about some of the features of this indie game!

Game Features

This game provides quite a bit of exploration for Cooper and he will come across many different interactive objects and some spooky secrets. Cooper isn’t looking for brains but he sure has to use his to solve the puzzles ahead of him. Surviving the Humans will have an inventory that will hold all the objects needed to solve puzzles. Some items will need to be combined in order to help with the story.


Cooper will be able to interact with many different characters in this indie game. In some instances he will have to talk his way out of dangerous situations or convince humans to continue the story. One positive or negative action can impact the towns people which can change the tide of the story.


Humans cannot ease drop on conversations but Cooper sure can. This zombie can remove a hand to interact with objects. He can also remove certain body parts to enter small spaces for easier listening. There is a lot Cooper can do to get ahead in Surviving the Humans, which is something that is different from many other games.

Other Features

Surviving the Humans allows players to point and click objects but also to use WASD to move towards objects or destinations. This is a subtle but noteworthy feature not many point and click games provide. Mini-games will also be playable in Surviving the Humans to help build on this adventure.

Final Notes

Surviving the Humans is an interesting adventure game from a unique point of view. If you are interested in this game please take a look at Surprised Monkey Studio’s kickstarter page here. Please, don’t forget to back this project! Also take a look at for information on more upcoming indies!