Indie Game In Progress – The Corruption

Indie Game In Progress – The Corruption

Solos Interactive is developing a rogue-like indie game named The Corruption. The Corruption is an infection of unknown origin that seeps into every nook and cranny of the present and past! Consequently, the fate of humanity rests on a few heroes that were saved slim moments from their death by ‘The Knowing’.

This indie has some very notable game mechanics and features and this article will go over some of the main features of this game.


First, let’s talk about some of the heroes that are currently playable in The Corruption. As of this writing there are five Heroes that will be available on release day but we only have information on three. They are:

  • Heraiden
  • SekHero
  • Fog Animosity

Each hero has a unique story, abilities, and weapons. Also, ‘The Knowing’ saved each one in an epic way.

The Corrupted World

The Corruption has swept through humanity, infecting everyone throughout history. As a result, the Solos Interactive is creating a world that will touch on different parts of civilization. There are expected to be 10 different environments but as of now we know of seven. They are:

  • Desert Frontier
  • Highlands
  • Island Barracks
  • Market Bazaar
  • Medieval England
  • Present Day City
  • Winter Tundra

We had little visuals of the environments in this indie game and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future! The world of The Corruption will span from present day to 2,000 years into the past so there are plenty more unique places the developers can take us.

The Corruption Gameplay Footage

The image shown is a little teaser of the UI in The Corruption that we are sharing here today. It shows a beautiful temple environment with one big enemy going head to head with the hero.

Game Mechanics

While playing through The Corruption the hero will inevitably die. You will lose your items, weapons and experience when you die. There are a few things that are gained from each death. First, you gain more familiarization of your surroundings and hero. Second, you acquire a greater understanding of the enemies, and lastly you keep a specific type of currency which can be used on your hero. More information on currency is available on Solos Interactive’s kickstarter page here.

You begin the playthrough fresh, at level one. Additionally, the enemies’ difficulty will increase by five every five minutes! Each playthrough will place you in four different environments and will contain different enemies, bosses, and secrets. As a result, every play through will be a little different.

Final Notes

The Corruption looks like it will be an exciting and refreshing rogue-like indie game with an story that goes through the ages! For this reason, please check out Solos Interactive’s kickstarter page here and really consider backing this project! Also, don’t forget to take a glance, where we show off some really cool indie games currently in development.


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