Indie Game In Progress – Tourney

Indie Game In Progress – Tourney

There have been many iconic simulation games such as Roller Coaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon and Sim City. There is something different brewing by Tusky Games. It is a game called Tourney which is a medieval themed simulation game! Now, we thought the kids riding those roller coasters were tough in Roller Coaster Tycoon but in Tourney, the danger ramps up a bit. As the person looking over these grounds, you invite knights so they can participate in jousts, sword fights and archery contests. It’s definitely a different kind of entertainment. One of the goals in the game is to attract visitors from all over and do your best to keep them entertained.


Just like most simulation games, the main thing to do is build! There are many different event areas that can be built in Tourney. An area where your champions can joust, conduct sword fights and try hitting targets with archery will be available as forms of entertainment for your patrons.

To continue the excitement of Tourney, apothecaries, blacksmiths, ale wagons, and more can be built to additionally boost your visitors happiness to help make you filthy rich! Staff like jesters can be hired to also help entertain visitors.

The Thrill of the Fight

What is unique in Tourney is that while you are making sure visitors are happy, event areas are bringing in the money and your hired staff are doing their jobs, you will also dip your toes in the competitions. Leading 1 of 13 different noble houses, you choose a champion to fight in your honor!

Your knight will go into combat but it is up to you to decide on the tactic he uses. Training your knight will be very important to keep them one step ahead of the competition and to prevent them from getting killed! It will also be important to make money to buy gear and potions which are probably the equivalent to performance enhancing drugs.


Tourney will provide a single player campaign that can be played. The campaign will cover 4 environments and 6 levels. Each level will last a varying number of hours. Besides the 6 levels there will be many different sandbox scenarios that will be available to play. Each level may be a little different where in one, the main focus may be to run proper facilities and the other will be the tournament.

Final Notes

Tourney is expected to release on August 2021. It seems it will be an exciting game and a nice refreshing change to the simulation genre. If you are interested in this please check out Tusky Games kickstarter page and really consider backing this project!

Thank you to Tusky Games for providing the media for this article!