Indie Game in Progress – Vesper: Ether Saga

Indie Game in Progress – Vesper: Ether Saga

Jeremy, Sylvain, Romaric, Mika and Soheil are French developers that are creating Vesper: Ether Saga. It’s a roleplaying game that combines the beautiful storytelling of comic books and play it out as a card game. Vesper is the heroine of a comic book that inspired this indie game. A minimum of six volumes will be released for the comic and the game should follow with six as well. The game will provide some interesting features that will be discussed in this article.

Game Features

Vesper: Ether Saga will provide the player with three different card types. They are: Unit cards, Action cards or Arcane cards. In detail, unit cards will summon your allies onto the battlefield at the cost of Ether Crystals. Next, action cards give the abilities specific to your heroes. Lastly, arcane cards will provide you and your allies different types of bonuses. It is important to strategize and figure out which cards will work best for you!

Throughout this game’s playthrough players will be able to win new allies with different kinds of abilities. Furthermore, you will be able to level up your characters and they will unlock new skills. The layout of your unit cards will be very important to avoid incoming attacks and also to plan attacks yourself. For example, short range attackers will do best closer to your opponents side of the board and ranged attackers will have the upper hand away from your opponent.

Vesper: Ether Saga Gameplay

As stated earlier, Vesper: Ether Saga will follow the story of its comic book counterpart. You will be able to play as Vesper but also with other characters. Episode one of the game will have roughly 8 to 10 playable characters to choose from.

Final Notes

This indie game is still under development and is expected to release October or November of 2021! The date is coming soon and we are very excited! A playable demo is available on the developer’s kickstarter page here. While you’re there, please take a look at more details and consider supporting this game’s developers! Be sure to add this game onto your steam wishlist! Lastly, be sure to check out for more information on upcoming indies!