Indie Game on Early Access – Reign of Darkness

Indie Game on Early Access – Reign of Darkness

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Unorthodox Studios has and continues to develop a gorgeous medieval styled MMORPG called Reign of Darkness! This indie game is already in the early access stage and backers/purchasers of this project can test and help improve the game. Be sure to check out Reign of Darkness’s kickstarter page here! All the money raised during this campaign will go to speeding up the development of this game.

Reign of Darkness is a third person, MMORPG set in a apocalyptic medieval world. It begins with the call for the Crusades. Crusaders butchered peasants were butchered while realizing they love the art of slaughter. An immense amount of negative energy pooled throughout the land because of all this slaughter. After years of turmoil, that energy began to take a more physical form. A self-aware entity was created from this darkness with only destruction on its mind. This entity lets darkness spread and take over the living world with his army of minions and the only way to fight this evil is to embrace it yourself.

Game Features

Reign of Darkness is trying to refresh the MMORPG genre while still using many iconic features players love. It implements an interesting story and will use original artwork of monsters, equipment, land areas and more as concepts in the world. Many features are already available in Reign of Darkness but some may also be actively in the works.

Team Minded

Work together by creating parties to fight bosses, joining different factions and be apart of a guild. Reign of Darkness allows players to flash their faction’s colors on mounts and your companions will reflect your faction as well. It provides a easy way to communicate by implementing an in-game mailing system.

For the players that prefer going solo, Reign of Darkness provides solo play as well. Certain fights will be available as a 1v1 and also 1v mob.

Unique Classes

As of this writing, there are 8 playable classes that can be chosen in Reign of Darkness. Every class has multiple skills and different abilities that can be used. Get the most out of your character by choosing up to three different classes at a time. The ability to change classes will be available to give players the option to choose what style suits them best.

Quests & Rewards

Reign of Darkness will provide many seasonal events to keep players interested and to constantly refresh the game. Players will have the opportunity to receive daily and monthly rewards during their play through as well. We are excited to see what type of rewards this game will provide in the future!


This indie game already provides the opportunity to fight hundreds of enemies with different lore behind them. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses and it is the players job to figure out how to defeat them. Players will also be able to boost their stats to combat stronger enemies and make boss fights easier.

Players can equipment and acquire different mounts to make travel times for place to place much shorter. There are dragons, horses and other unique creatures that can be mounted to make travel a breeze.

Final Notes

This article does not cover all of the features provided in Reign of Darkness. To see more, be sure to check out Unorthodox Studio’s kickstarter page here. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Reign of Darkness on steam here! Also, if the game interests you, be sure to support the developers by backing their project. Don’t forget to check out for info on more upcoming indie games!

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