Newly Released Early Access Indie Game – Snowtopia

Newly Released Early Access Indie Game – Snowtopia

Put on your winter jackets and snow pants. Because it’s time to play a really frigid indie game. It is called Snowtopia and it is developed by TeaForTwo! In this simulation game, it is your job to build the perfect ski resort! The Early Access of Snowtopia is already on Steam, so be sure to pick up a copy here. This article will discuss some features found in Snowtopia.


The goal of this game is to keep your skiers smiling from ear to ear. You will come across many different visitors, each with a unique personality. There are twelve different skier profiles so keeping everyone excited and happy is going to be a challenge! Some skiers will want a nice casual trip down the mountain, while others crave excitement and will want something more challenging. There will be many other requests from skiers and you will have to fulfill their wishes.

This simulation game is a little different from many others. There is no money in Snowtopia. All you have to do is keep your visitors happy. If they are happy enough they may join your ranks as a volunteer and help make your park even better! Furthermore, you will be able to divide up your volunteers to complete different tasks.

Building a Ski Resort

Use the easy to use creation tool provided in the game to place pistes (tracks) on the mountain. Then choose where is the best place to lay down trails for every skier. However, if your resort becomes incredibly popular, poorly designed trails will cause many accidents to occur. Letting skiers crash into one another might be pretty funny though.

There are eleven different ski lifts to help your skiers get around. Ski lifts have different purposes. For example, a gondola lift is incredibly fast, but also challenging to design on a steep slope. It’ll be important to put together proper lifts to maximize efficiency.

Snowtopia Slope Building

Build different types of ski runs to satisfy every kind of visitor. Some patrons of your resort may want a gradual and smooth trip down the mountain along a natural route. While playing through the game you will unlock more challenging skier profiles. Do you think you can satisfy each one’s request?

Final Notes

Snowtopia looks like a beautiful, winter wonderland. Zooming out from the resort lets you see the bust movement of skiers and lifts. Watching it all come together is incredibly satisfying. If this interests you, pick up a copy of this game on Steam! Lastly, check out Indielodge, where I showcase some gorgeous indie games that are being developed by small studios and solo developers!