Potion Crafting Indie Game In Progress – HIIS

Potion Crafting Indie Game In Progress – HIIS

HIIS is a casual sandbox experimentation game being developed by Bottle Fantasy Games. In this indie game, you are a sage living on an island alone. The island is full of unique plants, secrets and much more. It is your job as the sage to tinker with the plants and resources of this island to create powerful potions. I had the pleasure to test this game out in its current state and it seems very casual.. It feels slow paced and relaxing which is sometimes much needed in our hectic lives! There are some great features in this game which we will explore in this article.

Game Features

As the main character of this world you get to travel around looking for secrets all around the island. I do not exactly know what the secrets are but the island is full of them! Hopefully we experience some very rare plant species or trigger something to reveal a secret shrine. Regardless, I am excited to see what comes in the future.

You will be able to customize your home, collect and domesticate plants and spend your days brewing some wild potions. The sage writes down new discoveries in his/her handbook. Different potions will have different effects. I saw in the trailer that one makes a very small ship grow to full size. I also, had one plant launch me away from it because I did not have the correct equipment to harvest it.

The world also looks very relaxing. You are alone on an island surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, plants and trees. What else can you ask for? The world of HIIS looks beautiful. I did notice that the world seems to lack animals but that may be in development. Populating the island would be wonderful! Partly, to give the island more life to it but mostly to feed some wild animals a cocktail of potions with different effects!

Final Notes

I will be keeping my eye on HIIS because the concept of a potion brewing sage sounds interesting. If you find this game fascinating, add this game to your steam wishlist here and watch for updates from the developers! Lastly, check out indielodge.com for information on some fantastic indie games that are currently under development!