Space Bugs – Review

Space Bugs – Review

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Battle swarms of bugs in Space Bugs, a scifi game that has been developed by You control a spider mech in this indie game. It is your job to exterminate a race of space bugs that have taken over an ARCC lab. This game is a top-down shooter that will test your accuracy and reflexes. I will be reviewing Space Bugs in this article. As a disclaimer, this review is my opinion and it may differ from others. Interested in trying the game? Download it on for free.


Space Bugs is pretty simple to pick up and play. However, as easy as it is to start, it is much more difficult to master. The developer did a fantastic job or easing you into the difficulty but also making it more challenging to keep players engaged. I did not have any problem when playing this game. The only area where I felt this game lacked in playability is the story. The premise is simple and appropriate. However, I felt like it could use a little bit more engagement. I felt it wasn’t really memorable and there were moments during battle where I had to remind myself what the end goal of this game is.

You will have to strategize your every move in Space Bugs. The insects come in hoards and you will have to take your time getting through it all. This is a time when “slow and steady wins the race” is an appropriate term.

Controls & Gameplay

The controls in Space Bugs are fantastic. You use your mouse to aim, left mouse click to shoot, wasd to move, space to dodge and right mouse click to put up a quick shield. Each of these have great animations and are very responsive. I did not have any problems with lag or delay in attacks while playing Space Bugs. Everything was very smooth and easy.

I feel that the core of this game is the action and battling you do when you’re taking on the bugs. As stated above, the story isn’t what I expected it to be but the action is amazing! There are plenty of moments where swarms of bugs are coming to attack you. While the bugs are coming close, others are shooting projectiles at you to try to take you out. You have to dodge, back away and use your shield to even consider surviving a hoard of space bugs.


I had no complaints on the overall graphics in Space Bugs. The lighting was dark and gloomy as you would expect in a broken down lab. Furthermore, the attacking bugs stood out enough from the background which is appreciated. In many other games, enemies sometimes blend into the background a little too well and they’re hard to see. That makes it really annoying for a player because everything will seem fine and then a barrage of attacks come from nowhere.

I have been following the development of this game and it’s amazing how far the appearance of Space Bugs has come along. The developer added a lot of extra aesthetics to give the world more personality.

Music & Sound

The music in Space Bugs sort of melts into the background. Some may enjoy more subtle music so they can focus on the tasks at hand but I personally prefer having more engaging music. When I play shooters I enjoy music that pumps me up and helps me keep on fighting. The beat to the music is appropriate but I feel I would be much more engaged if there were moments when the music really ramps up. I cannot judge the music to harshly because my opinion is a little biased due to my personal preference. Great music plays in this indie game, I just would love for it to be more intense.

The only other complaint is the walking sound. Constantly hearing that tap tap tap of your mech’s footsteps got a little annoying. I know it’s hard to add variability into the walking animation when it doesn’t change. I could only recommend making walking a little quieter or possibly have the sound change depending on the surface the mech is walking on.


Space Bugs has an great amount of re-playability. There aren’t any differences in the story but this game is excellent for potential speed runners and perfectionists. Players can try and speed through the hoards of insects and choose the best weapons to help with this. You will have to put together your strategy to see what helps you get through the game the fastest. Perfectionists can try their hand at beating this game without dying or even strive to beat this game without taking any damage. There are many different ways to replay this game. It’s a fun shooter with a fair amount of variability within the game.

Final Notes

Overall, I had a great time playing this game. It could use a little tweaking but all in all it was enjoyable. If you have played this game, let me know what you think of it in the comments below. If you have not played it, be sure to check it out by following the link at the top of this review. Lastly, if you enjoy shooting games, check out some more that are in the works by developers at Indielodge.


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