Upcoming Indie Game – Classic Sport Driving

Upcoming Indie Game – Classic Sport Driving

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Some of the most iconic racing games were made back in the early 2000’s. Why don’t we go back a little further? That is exactly what Pixel Wrappers are currently doing. They are putting together a retro styled racing lines game called Classic Sport Driving. In this indie game, reading the road, cutting curves, and timing everything just right will help you get ahead of the pack and almost guarantee victory at that sweet finish line!

Classic Sport Driving brings back that old school racing mood with their gorgeous open spaces and exploration. The developers are creating long tracks to keep you entertained but focused on the road. If you think you’re going to have a nice easy joy ride, think again. In this game, many opponents will do their best to knock you off that perfect racing line. The depth of this game doesn’t end there, we will continue by talking about some of the features of this indie.

Game Features

To keep players interested in the world, the creators of Classic Sport Driving are doing their best to put together 6 different environments to play on:

  • Ruins
  • City
  • Iceland
  • Desert
  • Snow
  • Mountains

Each of these environments look incredibly beautiful. They also expect to offer 24 races throughout these environments with many different curves, checkpoints and opponents!

They will provide a campaign for all the players who want to go solo in this game which will offer different weather phenomena and many more curves for players to tackle! Luckily, for beginner players there will be an option to choose the difficulty of the game. Classic Sport Driving will provide difficulty levels ranging from an easy drive through landscape to technical and challenging races.

If the creators at Pixel Wrappers reach certain goals on kickstarter, it will open the door and give them the ability to design a track generator. This track generator will allow players to find race tracks using keywords. So, if you’re hanging out with your friends, show them who is in charge of the roads by looking up a random track and see who’s the best in offline multiplayer!

As a disclaimer tack generators, leaderboards, split screen, a child mode and online multiplayer are all stretch goals for this game. Help the Pixel Wrappers team by backing their project here.

Final Notes

Classic Sport Driving looks like it is going to be the sit on the edge of your seat and turn your body when the car turns type of game, because we all know that helps the car move faster. Regardless, be sure to take a look at the Classic Sport Driving’s kickstarter page here, and please consider helping this team out! Also check out their website here. The game is planned to be released in the summer of 2021, so sit tight and enjoy the ride and be ready to bring racing back to the 20th century!